Gran Paradiso Snowshoeing Week – March 2017


Guided snowshoe trip with France Outdoors in the fabulous Gran Paradiso National Park in the Italian Alps, over the St Patrick’s Bank Holiday 2017.
Transfers to meet Aer Lingus & Ryanair flights from Dublin-Milan (Linate & Malpensa) – contact us for details.

For more information, contact us on



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Queyras Snowshoe Trek – January 2014

Photos from our snowshoe trek in the Queyras Valley, in the French Alps, January 2014.

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Icy roads ahead…


Queyras snowshoe trek, January 2014

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Yoga & Walking Holiday – Les Contamines Mont Blanc – June 2014

Walking and yoga in Les Contamines, Mont Blanc  

The valley of Les Contamines is a jewel at the heart of the Mont Blanc region, with a very close knit local community a village that has preserved its historic aspect. More than 70% of old farm buildings have been restored, respecting the local Savoy architecture.

Walking in Les Contamines brings us through flowering meadows, high mountain pastures and dense pine forests, under the summits of the Mont-Blanc mountain range. The village is the departure point for a great number of walks and longer hikes along forest footpaths and across varied terrain. There are more than 120 kilometres of sign-posted paths and trails. You will stay in the Holiday centre Cap France La Cité Montjoie, ideally located in Megeve town centre. The hotel has a large dinning area, comfortable rooms and excellent service.

Two yoga sessions will be offered each day: an active one in the morning and a relaxation time after the walks. Angelika is a fully qualified and experienced Yoga Teacher recognized by the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY); the Yoga Federation of Ireland (YFI) and the Bihar School of Yoga (BSY). Angelika’s classes combine the physical aspect of Yoga (Hatha Yoga) with Breathing Practices (Pranayama) and a guided Relaxation (Yoga Nidra). This complements and enhances the experience of your daily walks leaving you with a complete sense of well-being.

Optional activities include Via Ferrata, Rafting, Paraglinding, or a cable car trip to Aiguille du Midi

From June 14th – 21st 2014

Download the information pack here (pdf file)

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Snowshoeing the French Alps

Photos from a recent snowshoe trek in the French Alps

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Jausiers & Ubaye Valley – Provence Alps

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Three villages in Provence


Gréoux and the Chateau des Templiers


Gréoux-les-Bains is an ancient Roman spa town, situated on the banks of the Verdon River in the Provence Alps. The town has been known throughout its history for its hot mineral springs.  It is near the Lac d’Esparron, an artificial lake formed by the Barrage de Gréoux (Gréoux dam)

The town is overlooked by the impressive Chateau des Templiers (Templar’s Castle). Dating from the 1200s, it was given in the 14th century to the Knights Hospitaliers of St. John.

White water at the Barrage de Gréoux

White water at the Barrage de Gréoux

Riverbank near Gréoux

Riverbank near Gréoux


Square and fountain in Aiguines

Square and fountain in Aiguines

The village of Aiguines is situated at the entrance to the Gorges du Verdon, overlooking the turquoise waters of the Sainte-Croix lake.

The Gorges du Verdon is the biggest canyon in Europe, 50 km long and up to 700m deep.  The village itself has around 250 inhabitants.  Near the village is an impressive castle, that was mentioned historically down as far as the Middle Ages, although its exact date of construction is not known.

Like the lake at Gréoux, the St-Croix is an artificial lake that supplies drinking water to a large part of the region.

Chateau at Aiguines

Chateau at Aiguines


Aiguines with the Lac de Sainte Croix in the background

Aiguines with the Lac de Sainte Croix in the background


Bell tower in Moustiers Sainte Marie

Bell tower in Moustiers Sainte Marie

Moustiers is a village in the Verdon National Park; also on the banks of the Ste Croix lake, it is known for its ceramic work. There are traces of human settlement in Moustiers dating back 30,000 years to the Bronze age; the settlement of the current village started in the 5th century.

Moustiers is a typical Provençal village, with winding narrow streets and shaded squares with stone fountains. The church in the village is listed as a historic monument, dating from the 12th century. The village is situated in front of a cliff, from which a spring gushes down to a waterfall.

Waterfall in Moustiers Sainte Marie

Waterfall in Moustiers Sainte Marie


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Safety first when skiing : some basic pointers


Here are some general safety tips to consider as you head for the slopes this Winter.

Before you go :
– First of all, always check the safety advice and indications of whatever resort you go to; resorts can give you a written document with their safety policies. If you’re a beginner, take some lessons! Not only will you be more in security and in control, but you will enjoy your holiday more once you’ve understood the basics.

– Be aware of your own physical fitness, and skiing ability; get in shape before you go skiing, and don’t try to tackle anything you may not be able for. Also, be aware of the difficulty code of ski slopes. For example, here in France :

moderately easy
experienced skiers

– Keep your equipment in shape too; wearing a helmet is never a bad idea (even when wearing a helmet, zero risk does not exis(t) Go for better equipment rather than cheaper.

– Dress in several layers of lighter clothing, rather than one or two heavy layers; favour clothing that will keep you warm but also evaporate moisture.

– Wear sun protection, and bring sunglasses, gloves and a hat or headband. Just as excessive heat loss can be a problem, so also can sunburn.

On the slopes:

– Stay focused and concentrated, not only on your own next moves, but of others around you on the slopes. Keep a safe distance from other skiers, and think ahead.

– Be aware of snow conditions and of your surroundings; if you’re not sure of something, ask! (The only stupid questions are the ones that aren’t asked).

– Beware of dehydration – drink plenty of water during the day. Be aware also of how alcohol consumptiion will affect your hydration levels, judgement and general physical form.

– Observe signs and warnings, whether they’re physical signposts or verbal indications. Keep out of closed areas.

– Make sure you know how to use the skilifts safely.


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4 handy apps for your next skiing holiday

1. Ski Tracks (IOS, Android)

Ski tracks uses your phone’s GPS to track your skiing runs; just start the app, put the phone in your pocket and record your day.. With Maps Tools showing distance, time and stop watch, detailed ski stats and profile graphs, and the possibility to add photos to tracks. It will also function without a data connection, so it will save on your roaming charges.

2. Ski & Snow Report (IOS, Android)

Keep up-to-date on the very latest weather conditions with ski & Snow report and it’s listings of more than 2000 ski areas worldwide, plus first-hand reports from users.

3. Ski:Europe (IOS, Android)

Very detailed ski app, with routing, tracking, resort maps, snow reports and social features.

4. SkiPhone (Android)

Handy little app letting you use your phone without taking off your gloves. Shake your phone up and down to launch voice actions or answer/hangup the phone. Shake your phone front to back to take a picture.

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